Finding the perfect outfit can be a challenge, especially when many stores do not cater to you. Today, the average woman in the US wears a size 14/16 dress, yet she can’t find a dress in her size in most stores! Fortunately, Tara Lynn’s Boutique has a selection of clothing for everyone. Tara Lynn Snow started the boutique ten years ago and noticed there was a shortage of clothing above a certain size and decided to make the change. “Whenever I was going to buy clothing for the boutique, I noticed that there was nothing past a size large. An extra large if you’re lucky. And that’s not fair! There are many, many beautiful women and there are many different sizes. I made it my mission from that point to make sure that we are all inclusive.” said Snow. The boutique currently offers clothing from XS-6XL. One of the other things that Snow prides her boutique on is not only that the clothes are size inclusive, but they also look flattering on every body type. Whether you are petite, curvy, apple shaped, pear shaped or anything in between, Tara Lynn’s dress will compliment whatever shape you are. The boutique carries dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, accessories, footwear, and even beauty products.


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