Brace yourself for an extraordinary denim experience featuring unbeatable stretch and recovery. Say goodbye to the dreaded denim sag; Judy Blue Jeans hold their shape flawlessly even after hours of wear, ensuring you always look and feel your absolute best.

At Judy Blue, inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. Our incredible range of sizes from 0 to 24W guarantees a superb fit for every body type. We firmly believe that fashion should embrace and celebrate every curve, and our jeans are designed with this philosophy in mind.

But we understand – finding the perfect fit can sometimes feel like a wild adventure! That's why we've made it simpler for you. On every pair, we provide precise details on the Rise and Inseam, empowering you to make informed choices. If you haven't measured your rise and inseam lately, it's time to do so for a fit that's tailored just for you.

Our collection predominantly features high rise jeans, with a sprinkle of mid rise options for those seeking variety. We've listed the rise in inches for both regular and plus sizes, ensuring a fit that's as accurate as it is comfortable.




One of the most frequent queries we encounter revolves around sizing confusion. Many of our fabulous ladies grapple with understanding their TRUE STARTING size, and we completely understand. It's not just about a number; it's about how that number hugs and flatters your unique curves.

We're here to guide you through this maze of sizes and styles. We're dedicated to ensuring that your journey starts with your TRUE STARTING size, a size that feels like a second skin, tailored just for you. We believe that every body is unique, and so is the perfect denim style for it. 


Sizing for Judy Blues is 0-15 (odd sizing) and 14W-24W.

All Judy Blues are WOMEN’S sizing, NOT a juniors cut but a 14W will give you more room in the hips.  

If you are a 14W-24W, your TRUE Judy Blue size will be the same as your normal jean size.

For Size 0-15W you'll find your TRUE Judy Blue size by taking your EVEN size and sizing DOWN ONE. This is because of Judy Blue's unique 4-way stretch.

Size 16 regular is a 15
Size 14 is a 13
Size 12 is an 11
Size 10 is 9
Size 8 is a 7
Size 6 is a 5
Size 4 is a 3
Size 2 is a 1 
Size 1 is a 0


Sizing down TWO:

Some Judy Blue pairs boast exceptional stretchiness- that 4 way stretch ya'll!

Opting for your true size will give you a relaxed waist and leg fit. If you size down by TWO, you'll achieve that fitted hip and a booty pop look we love.


Denim by Body Shape

Understanding and EMBRACING your body shape is paramount to feeling confident in your attire! It's completely acceptable to recognize that not every style will flatter every unique body shape.

Rectangle & Hour Glass body shapes:

Sizing down by 2 odd sizes or 1 plus size can accentuate your curves and achieve a fabulous booty pop fit, especially with highly stretchable pairs (each pair is accompanied by a fit video and detailed listing).

Generally, denim styles complement these body shapes quite well.
Your preferred jean types may be influenced by how weight is distributed in your tummy area. Depending on your leg composition, Boyfriend and relaxed fit jeans can either give a loose or fitted appearance.


Pear and Apple shapes:

Skinny jeans often present a fitting challenge for Pear and Apple Shapes. A lot of individuals lean towards a straight leg design. The rationale behind this is that when sizing is adjusted to accommodate a larger tummy and smaller legs, skinny jeans tend to appear baggy in the legs and awkwardly taper at the ankle. On the other hand, a straight or relaxed leg provides a deliberate look with ample room.

If showcasing a silhouette is your aim, opting for a slim or relaxed straight leg style will be your go-to! Boyfriend jeans also feature a straight leg design. For those desiring to minimize their shape a bit, wearing boyfriend jeans with a top that's long enough to cover the hips proves to be an excellent option.

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    Denim by Style of Jeans

    Regular Judy Blue size works great, watch the inseam if you are tall or shorter.
    Going to fit a little more roomy through the hips and waist. Great for people who may carry their weight through their hips. Regular Judy Blue size works great.
    Going to fit looser in the legs all the way down. Can size down ONE from your normal Judy Blue size ( trust us )
    That locked and loaded look we all love. Fitted all the way through. Regular Judy Blue size works great!
    Remember, Judy Blues 4 way stretch makes sizing SO easy. A lot of ladies will fit into multiple sizes.


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    We are so glad you found us!  If we can help with anything at all, please let us know!